Simon | October ’23

The Adobe Suite offers a huge range of tools, from full 3D asset creation, to music mixing or to making a simple leaflet. If you can think of it, there’ll be a tool from Adobe that can make it! But this poses the problem, ‘Which tool should I use and why?’

We’ve shortlisted 5 creative tools offered in the Adobe Suite that we think are essential for content creators!

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software commonly used by Content Creators to edit and produce high quality videos. Premiere Pro’s features include multiple timeline editing, colour correction, colour grading, audio mixing and basic keyframing, making it a flexible and powerful tool for video editing.

It’s particularly good for short form content and has had a lot of quality of life changes over the past few years, especially in the audio mixing department. 

Adobe After Effects
After Effects does a lot of what Premiere Pro can’t in terms of graphical and animated elements. It can be used to create motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations, compositing, and strong visual effects. After Effects also offers a range of other unique features, including a strong keyframe pipeline, motion tracking, object removal and so much more!

So if you’re into animation or want to alter/enhance your video footage, After Effects is a no brainer! (it even has Cinema 4D built in for all you 3D lovers)

Adobe Photoshop:
Out of all the tools showcased, Photoshop is easily the most accessible to newcomers.

Adobe Photoshop is primarily a graphic design and photo editing software that is used to create and manipulate digital images. Used by graphic designers, photographers, and digital artists, Photoshop offers a range of features, including layers, filters, and special effects, making it a versatile and powerful tool for digital image editing.

Photoshop files are also compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro and illustrator, so you can design in one program and animate the same design in another! 

Adobe Illustrator:
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor that is used to create vector graphics, including logos, illustrations, typography, print media and digital media.

While being on the surface very similar to Photoshop, Illustrator has many differences and can handle situations which Photoshop can’t. Especially for brand and print work.

Illustrator offers a range of features, including the ability to create shapes, lines, and curves, making it a versatile and powerful tool for vector graphics.

Adobe Audition
If you love audio, you’ll love this!

Adobe Audition is an audio editing and production software that allows users to edit, mix, and master audio files. 

Used by audio engineers, musicians, and podcasters Audition can edit and enhance audio recordings. Audition also offers a range of features, including multi-track editing, spectral frequency display, and noise reduction, making it a powerful tool for audio production. 

So that’s our 5 essential adobe tools we recommend to content creators!

To sum up, Premiere Pro is designed for video editing, After Effects is designed for motion graphics and visual effects, Photoshop is designed for digital image editing, Illustrator is designed for vector graphics, and Audition is designed for audio editing and audio production.

At Wander we love these programs and we are excited to see them develop in the future! Even after all these years, Adobe is still killing it!




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