Wander | October ’23

What’s happeninggggg fellow Marketing nerds ! You’re probably a massive fan of flicking through Instagram Reels, marveling at how the app seems to know exactly what you want to watch, It’s like a personal TV show channel built to your own specific interests! 


Well, gather around, because we’re about to spill the beans on the magic behind the 2023 Instagram Reels algorithm. (We’ve even had some luck in these ourselves)

  1. Your Activity: The Algorithm’s Detective Work

First up, the Instagram algorithm takes note of your activity. Every like, comment, and engagement you make on Reels provides valuable clues about your preferences. It’s like Instagram is your best friend, paying attention to every little detail of your entertainment choices. Love a cat video? Thumbs up! You’ll get more cats. Laugh at a hilarious prank? Heart emoji! You’ll see more pranks! The algorithm remembers it all to bring you more of what you love.

  1. Your History with Creators: Familiar Faces and New Discoveries

Ever wondered why you stumble upon videos from creators you’ve never heard of? Well, that’s the algorithm playing matchmaker. It goes through all your history of interactions with these creators into account. Even if you haven’t hit the follow button yet, if you’ve shown them some love in the past, Instagram knows they might just be your cuppa tea. Prepare to meet your next favorite content creator, all thanks to the algorithm’s matchmaking skills!

3. The Reel’s DNA: Cracking the Code

Now the how to crack the code on the Reel itself! Let’s talk about the Reel itself. Instagram’s algorithm is like a detective analysing the clues presented in the video. It scans the caption, deciphers the audio track, and meticulously studies the pixels and frames. Why, you ask? To guess what the video is all about! It’s like Instagram is reading the video’s mind, ensuring you get content that resonates with your interests. No more scrolling past irrelevant videos – the algorithm has got your back!

  1. The Poster’s Popularity: A Star-Studded Affair

Last but not least, the algorithm takes a peek at the person behind the Reel. Is the poster a social media superstar with an army of followers? Does their content consistently light up the platform with likes and shares? Instagram knows! It considers the popularity of the person who posted the Reel, making sure you get served the best of the best from the crème de la crème of creators.

So that’s it dudesssss! If you’re anything like us you’ll be finding yourself picking apart each reel you watch from now on, looking for these signs and how people have used them to make their reels pop off. The next time you find yourself lost in the mesmerizing world of Instagram Reels, remember the magic happening behind the scenes. Thanks to the ingenious algorithm, your social media experience is about to get a whole lot more entertaining. Happy scrolling, and may the algorithm be with you! (Star wars reference ⚔️🔮)



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